INDIE 88 Premiere - BANG Video

It's finally here! The video for BANG is up. 

A big thanks goes out from us to INDIE 88 in Toronto for the premiere; they've been so supportive and we can't thank them enough!

It was a video that happened almost by accident, and you can read about the chance encounter with a film crew in a Venice beach bar that spawned the project over this past Presidents Day weekend while we were making music in L.A. It was super unexpected but we're thrilled for the results! Check out the article and the video here:


102.1 The EDGE with Alan Cross: 5 Songs You Must Hear This Week!

Best feature ever - our mainstream radio debut!! 
Check it out here>>>

BROKEN has been selected as Alan Cross' pick for 5 Songs You Must Hear This Week on 102.1 The EDGE! Mark it in your calendars people - it all starts here. Next stop: Canadian Radio Tour coming this August, OFFICIAL album release, and MORE! 

Alan Cross, our hats off to you good sir, you have excellent taste!! 
Bobby Gale is the man for making it happen! 

Soft Release - CRAVE EPs

It's finally here! Our little debut.



We're Featurette! Nice to meet you!

We spent a long time creating our little "featurette," about romance in the digital age. We wanted to be more than a band that offers up a collection of one-off singles, so we decided on a two-part album to divide what we all have experienced in the matters of the heart into manageable morsels because shit happens, and sometimes you need to stay in a space for a bit to deal with it.

We crammed a ton of blood sweat and tears into this, and a bunch of nerdy music stuff too. There's repeating motifs from Volume One that morph and change with the story in Volume Two. Lexie changes the way she sings from one half to the other, just enough, and of course, there's the sounds that carry over, every so often, from song to song.  

We have lots of people to thank along the way who have helped us get this far, our producers Marc and Josh who really made out home demos come to life, Gigo and his amazing graphical eye, Joni for her help and of course every person who has championed us along the way and many more of you to thank in the months to come. 

If you get it, if you like it, if you love it, share it, pass it along!


Hardest Game single debuts on BULLETT.

So this happened last week.

It truly is an amazing thing for an indie duo from Canada to find themselves smack-dab on a feature for Bullett.

We were on a subway car in Vienna when we heard the news drop and probably made quite the scene with some running high-fiveing mixed with jubilant "fuck yeahs"! The good news is that the Austrians did not seem to mind.

Thank you Bullett.

Imagine Dragons: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Remember all those awesome updates and blogs and album designs we worked so hard to blast you guys with to promote our upcoming album Smoke & Mirrors? 

Forget it. We're over it. Imagine this: IMAGINE DRAGONS STOLE OUR NAME. 

Had it out there since, like, 2013 all ready to rock it in a couple months - and then the attack of the hashtag blew up with publicity that was altogether too kick-ass to compete with. We don't blame them, it's pretty much the best album concept ever. ;) So without further ado, we present to you our new concept:


New name, new look, new us. Take that dragons.


PS. Imagine Dragons are awesome.

*bows down & surrenders*


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