You Can't Always Get What You Want

We make plans, we mark down dates, we set goals - but when it all really comes down to it, we're stuck! We are at the mercy of the system, and let's be real.. You can't rush art! 

As we anxiously await the mixing, mastering and production on our debut album to come to a close, we are deep in the throes of the rehearsal process. It's sounding pretty killin! 
We can't wait to share it with you and show you all how far we've come since those basement demos we mixed for our Soundcloud. Get ready for some big changes. 

Our release date has been pushed back, but we're going to make the wait worth your while. Keep your eyes peeled on our FB and Twitter pages, we'll have the venue booked for the release in a jiffy and then there's no going back!

Can't wait.

xoxo LJ Featurette


Lexie JelilyanComment